About Us

MapGhana is an indigenous Ghanaian website created to solve the persistent problems faced with finding and locating things, Individuals and Businesses in the country. The fact is that at most times what users what users may be looking for can be located closer to where they live but because everything is isolated and unorganized users are always left wondering where to find this and that. Being caught in this situation several times myself, I decided to create MapGhana as an attempt to solve this problem.

With MapGhana you can easily map yourself and any services you want associated with you so that people can easily find and contact you to render those services quickly and effortlessly. Its like a live compass filled with things of interest. Anyone can quickly download the app and start discovering in minutes. Feel free to contribute to the platform and tell your friends and family about it to make it easier for us all to locate things in Ghana.

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MapGhana helps you to find people, businesses and services in Ghana. This app eases quick discovery and tracking of things of interest. Quickly download and start mapping.

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